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The Quiet Knitter Review.

Unravelled really is a great book, and perfect for the wool addict and craft fanatic. – The Quiet Knitter

Hey everyone πŸ‘‹,

Sorry for the silence. Things have been bubbling away nicely in my world, which gifted me an impromptu break. However, today has given me reason to take to the keyboard for a good cause!

Last month I was approached by Kate, from The Quiet Knitter, to see if I’d be interested in being part of her celebration of indie publishing, and of course I said yes!

I know I’m a little bias, but what a fantastic thing to celebrate? In the day to day runnings of life it’s so easy to get caught up in the big names and big brands and even easier to not hear the voice of the little guys. In my local town I’ve been very sad to see a lot of small local businesses closing their doors for the final time, due to the appearance of bigger named companies moving in just up the road. (And the publishing industry is no different!) It’s heart breaking, so a celebration of indie was just what I wanted to see land in my inbox!

If there’s one thing my Unravelled journey has taught me, it’s the importance of support. Together myself and The Writing Hall have created a product for sale, but because I don’t have the fan-base of say, BeyoncΓ©, the sales aren’t guaranteed. Indie’s have to work hard at it. And with the wonderful support I’ve had throughout my journey, my small “business” has blossomed to the point where I’m currently at the very beginnings of book two. (Which is absolutely incredible!) Support means the absolute world to us, so a celebration of indie publishing is a fantastic idea!

Kate has given Unravelled a wonderful review and it was so heart-warming to read. ❀️ It’s day’s like today that give me that “living on a cloud” feeling all over again. Plus, we even got chance to conduct a mini interview for the blog. So you can head over and read my answers to her questions too. Just click here to read the whole article.

To all my lovely readers, I just want to take this opportunity to again thank you for everything. When you support indie, you really do make a dream come true. πŸ’«

– B xo

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May/ June Wrap Up 2018

So many exciting things happened during May and June and I got so wrapped up in living them that this blog post got majorly delayed. Therefore, I’m just going to dive right in with this mammoth wrap up! πŸ˜†


I stayed in a log cabin in the woods. πŸ’š

Remember the holiday I was talking about in my April Wrap Up? Well, it was incredible. The whole experience was beautiful in every aspect and I cannot praise Forest Holidays enough.

I stayed in a Golden Oak Cabin in the Forest of Dean. Everywhere I looked there was greenery and nature. The sun shone everyday, despite it being early May. We had unlimited use of our own private hot tub as well as a gas bbq, meaning every day was a party!

It was bliss, pure bliss. Exactly what I was after, a complete unplugging and quality time with the family.

I’m fully aware that this part of my post is a little bit of a pic spam, but they’re just too good not to post. #memories

Everyone from my party had a great time, despite having completely different wants and needs. Most of all it was Baby Bobby’s first holiday and he had the time of his life!

I’ve already recommend this getaway to all my family and friends and now I’m here recommending it to of you too! We’re already thinking about when we could book our next stay! πŸ˜‚

I had a meeting with my publisher!

I absolutely love these meeting days. It’s just one of those times that, from an outsiders perspective probably looks completely normal and mundane, but being on the inside is truly magical. I’m not going to reveal too much at this stage, as I don’t want to ruin things for the future, however rest assured that we discussed many, many exciting things. Highlights including the future of Unravelled and ideas for book number two!!!! 😱

Yarn Shop Day 2018.

Yarn Shop Day 2018 was a great success for Unravelled! Being available to purchase in not only one, but two wool shops this year was an achievement in itself! Plus Unravelled was a prize in a YSD raffle!!! And, just to put the icing on the cake, I was only third in line at my local, so I managed to nab myself another fantastic Beacon Craft goodie bag. ❀️

I created the disaster crop top.

Remember me talking about the project I wanted to complete to take away with me on holiday? Well, I completed it… but it was a total disaster. πŸ˜‚ I’m fully intending to write a whole blog post dedicated to this topic soon, but I just wanted share the fact that no one is perfect and that is completely fine.

I took part in the TOFT Mystery CAL.

My favourite alpaca farm, come luxury British wool company, held another crochet along in May. By being sent only a little bit of the pattern a day, you finish an exclusive ed’s animal (an amigurumi animal in the simplistic but cute style TOFT are renoun for) by the end of the month. This CAL was slightly different than their Christmas one because they offered the choice of two animals; a beginner animal and an advanced animal. But the kit came with enough wool so you could make both! Me being me, I chose to do the advanced animal and ended up with the lovely Gina the Hyena. ❀️

I won’t lie, the pattern was most certainly advanced, but also well worth it. I’m just glad I had my week away during the CAL so I could dedicate some quality time to it.

Pre-orders for TOFT’s Christmas Mystery CAL are available now over on their website and they claim it’s going to big bigger and better before. I highly recommend it!

I started a new project.

On the back of finishing the TOFT CAL, and whilst I was still on holiday soaking up the sun, I got to start a new project with the wool I purchased on YSD! This one is going to be pretty big, but hopefully completely worth it. Also it gave me the perfect excuse to test out of one the new crochet hooks that I purchased from one of my Instagram faves, @make.e How cute are those watermelons? πŸ‰ This hook definitely gave me summer vibes and it feels really nice to work with.


Spinning Yarns joined the Unravelled family!

I have a new stockist! Spinning Yarns in Ossett, West Yorkshire are the newest member of the Unravelled family. Be sure to check them out on today Facebook and show them some love. ❀️

I continued with my new crochet project.

With the weather in England taking an usually sunny turn, I’ve been taking full advantage and partaking in some alfresco crocheting. I’ve been teasing this project on my social media over the last couple of months. I’m gonna give my blog buddies one last go at a guess before I do the reveal at some point over the next couple of weeks. Fancy a guess? Leave it in the comments below and make sure you’re following either my Facebook or my Instagram so you don’t miss the reveal. (Or you could follow me on both to make completely sure you don’t miss out and well, you should probably check my Twitter too while you’re at it. πŸ˜‰)

I purchased all of the tickets!

June for me must have been the month of planning new adventures. I’ve already spilled the beans that I got my Yarndale ticket, I was just too excited to hold it in! (But I couldn’t not mention it in my June wrap up now could I?) However, June was also the month I found out about the new Sherlock experience opening in London later this year. For those of you haven’t heard, BBC Sherlock writer: Steven Moffat, along with help from members of the original cast and crew, has devised a unique escape room style Sherlock experience entitled: The Game is Now. Now of course I had to get tickets for that! So that’s all booked up too as an anniversary present for me and the boyf, which is like next year, but I’m so blummin’ excited there’s a very high chance I may just explode before then! πŸ˜‚

I read Eleanor Oliphant is Completely Fine.

I’d heard a lot about this book, in fact that’s one of the main reasons why I bought it. It intrigued me; it was different, it was a debut and well it had won awards in its draft stages! … I had to read it. I’m not going to give anything away in this blog post because I would definitely encourage my readers to go and get themselves a copy. (I felt a bit of a connection between Gail Honeyman’s and my own writing style. But I also feel since reading this book that Unravelled could fall under the genre of Contemporary Fiction too.) I’ve already lent out my copy because I want to find someone I can talk to about it! πŸ˜‚ Have you read it? Drop me a comment or a DM. I’d love to chat it out. 😊

I got a new internet connection!

Now this may sound like a bit of a weird one but, I can now confess the online traumas I’ve been living with these past three years! πŸ˜‚ As soon as I signed my publishing contract I knew my internet connection was going to be a problem. It was old, it hadn’t been updated in a long, long, long time and well it couldn’t even load an Instagram story without buffering every few seconds. 😱 A couple of months ago the connection got so bad I was hopping between limited 4G and different Cloud hotspots to be able to “maintain” my online author life. 😫 So I just wanted to take the opportunity to say thank you to you all for sticking with me during the “dark” times and be rest assured that it’s all behind me now! Expect much more content now guys, super speedy internetz is my new best friend! 🀩

I wrote the synopsis for book two!

Big news alert for this one! 🚨 I can now confirm I have a full synopsis for book two and I love it! 😱😱😱 It is currently with my publisher, but as soon as I have the green light for it I’ll be back on that writing train and I cannot wait! Without giving too much away, I can confirm that this book will definitely contain some of my favourite elements and themes from Unravelled but will also be quite different and a refreshing change. πŸ˜‰

I had an eye test.

Again a bit of a random one, but I wanted to use my own little space on the internet to raise awareness. I’ll confess, I was naughty… there was probably about five years between my last eye test and this one. 😱 And I’m not scared to admit, I am ashamed of that fact. Luckily for me, my eye sight has not changed, but in a world where screens are everywhere the same cannot be true for everyone. As an author I rely heavily on my eyes throughout my creative process. Without my sight I honestly could not do what I do, at least not in the same way. So I wanted to take a moment to express the importance of self love and looking after ourselves, especially with things such as eye tests. The test itself took less than twenty minutes, the staff were absolutely lovely and now I can rest assured for two years that my eyes are in good shape. It’s a no brainier really.

Payday Treats!

And finally, when payday rolled around this month I treated myself to a couple of things I thought you might like to see. For those of you who don’t know, I’ve adored the band Panic! at the Disco for a very long time and their new album dropped on June 22nd. For me this was perfect timing as I do like to listen to music whilst I write and hopefully by the time I settle down to do just that, I’ll know all the words. πŸ˜‚ My fave tracks at the moment are High Hopes and Hey Look Ma, I Made It. ❀️

Also with the hype of purchasing The Game is Now tickets still strong, I treated myself to this super cute beanie hat pattern by Easy Patterns via Love Knitting.

The hat is based on the wallpaper in Sherlock and John’s flat. I think this will make the perfect addition to my outfit when I head to London next year. πŸ•΅πŸ»β€β™‚οΈ

Well wowzers, there we go. I told you it was going to be a big one. Hopefully I won’t get too carried away living July! πŸ˜‚

Until next time guys, stay safe and be sure to have some fun in the beautiful sunshine we’re having! β˜€οΈ 😎

– B xo

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I just can’t stop bleating about it! πŸ˜‚

I’m just too excited to keep this to myself any longer, I’ve booked tickets for Yarndale 2018 and I cannot wait! 😁
Yarndale is a celebration of all things woolly! And a craft show I just could not miss again!
There are tickets still available if you’re interested. You can purchase them online at
Be sure to let me know if you’re going too, I’d love to know. 😎
– B xo
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April Wrap Up 2018

April was a month I spent doing a lot of day dreaming. It was a very relaxed month and I didn’t really feel like I’d done much until I came to write this blog. πŸ˜… However, it appears I was wrong to think that….

I booked a family holiday!

At the beginning of the year I wrote myself a little bucket list. On said list I included places I’d like to visit and holidays I’d love to book. In amongst was the dream of living in a cabin in the woods for a week, switching off from the world and just taking a breather. Well last month I took the bull by the horns and booked that dream escape for me and all those I love. It was rather spontaneous and the first time I’ve booked up a trip for a group of this size. But the website promises an amazing getaway and I literally cannot wait! 😁

I started knitting again!

I do truly wish there were more hours in a day. Actually let me rephrase that; I do truly wish there were more leisure hours in a day. πŸ˜‚ I love my hobbies, all of them. But I do find myself having fads and flirtations with each at different times. (I’d love to be able to commit to a long term relationship with them all sometime. Maybe a few more years practice at allocating my time and I’ll get there! #goals). However this month I picked up my knitting needles again and loved it. Maybe it’s to do with the fact I’m wielding those Knit Pro Zings 😍😍😍 or maybe it’s my infactuation with the colour mustard. Either way, I’m back to knitting again and I’m determined to finish this project. πŸ’ͺ

I got very nostalgic over Pop-Punk.

The boyf treated me to this MTV Pop-Punk album in early April and it just gave me all of the feels. Although we grew up miles apart we were definitely meant to find each other purely because of moments like this. I ended up starting a full iPod over haul due to this. I’m a strong believer that music speaks to the soul. I also like listening to music when I’m looking for writing inspo, so it maybe it’s a sign…

I conquered my reading slump.

I suppose this is something I’ve been a little hush hush about, but given that it’s over now and also the fact that my plan has always been to be genuine with all, I’m going to say it. I’ve just not fancied reading these last few months. It wasn’t even like it was my choice of book, Throne of Glass is AMAZING!, or necessarily my schedule. I just didn’t want too, which was a very sad state of affairs. But that’s okay, because with a little motivation from one of my besties getting back into books, I’m back on that reading train and I’ve already finished that novel and started a new one! You see, it’s okay to be an writer and take reading breaks. I feel there is so much pressure on aspiring authors to be avid readers. Don’t get me wrong, you should definitely read, but it’s okay to have slumps and breaks. Nobody’s perfect.

I picked a pattern for my holiday.

I spent most of April trawling the internet for a knitting/ crocheted garment pattern that I’d want to make to take away with me on holiday. I must admit this took me ages. The spectrum ranged from huntress cowls to boho bikinis. πŸ˜‚ In the end I settled for a granny square crop top by Beautiful Crochet Stuff. However, because it took me so long to decide I’m now having a race against time to see if I can get it done before we go away!

The Temperature CAL gained new colours!

April was a great month for my AIYSO Temperature CAL blanket. We had the introduction of not one, not two but three new colours! We seem to have very swiftly taken a hot tropical vibe and I love it! Here comes summer! πŸ•ΆπŸ‘™πŸ

What did you get up to in April? Let me know in the comments. (Oh and if you’ve ever stay in a cabin in the woods send me your tips and tricks! πŸ˜‚)

– B xo

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Yarn Shop Day 2018 Exclusives! πŸŽ‰

Yarn Shop Day 2018 is nearly upon us! (Only 2 more sleeps in fact!) So I thought now would be the perfect time to a) Start getting excited πŸ’ƒπŸ» and b) Give you a little sneak peek of how myself and Unravelled are getting involved this year.

For those of you who don’t know what Yarn Shop Day is, it is a celebration of all things wool and local. You get to show your local yarn shop some love, take advantage of some exclusive offers and even do your bit for charity, all whilst having fun!

I was lucky enough to be a special guest last year for my local! (You can read all about my experience in last year’s blog.) However this year, with Unravelled now being with us in all its glory, I’ve got two Yarn Shop Day exclusives for you all!

I’ve teamed up with the lovely Helen from Beacon Crafts to bring you my first Unravelled X YSD exclusive! For one day only, if you come down to Beacon Crafts and join in the celebrations, you can pick up not only a signed copy of Unravelled, but you get my Adrian Scarf Knitting pattern absolutely free! So for those of you in the Midlands area click here for the Beacon Crafts Facebook page, where you’ll be able to find the shop address as well as other sneak peeks of their YSD preparations!

I am also very excited to announce that Unravelled will be a part of Yarn Shop Day in Scotland too this year! Faye from Wool For Ewe will be the first Scottish shop to stock the Unravelled paperback and one lucky winner from her YSD raffle will also have the chance to bag themselves a signed copy! How awesome is that? You can find the Wool For Ewe Facebook Page here.

I would love to see your pictures! Use the tag #unravelledxysd to let me know what you get up to this Yarn Shop Day!

– B xo

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Hello There! πŸ‘‹

Recently my blog has had an influx of new followers. 😍

So I just wanted to say a big β€œhello” and give a warm welcome to those of you who are new around here and really to say thanks for stopping by and taking the time to subscribe.

You’ve chosen a great time to join the party, because the fun has just begun!

– B xo