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Have pen, will travel. 

These past few weeks I’ve been a roamin’. Mainly because I’ve been working away on business, however right now I’m on a train with my boyfriend and we’re on our way to visit  his family and a new arrival!!! (Can you tell I’m super excited to be meeting the little one?) 
It’s an amazing experience and I feel so lucky to be given such fantastic opportunities. In fact, if I ponder on it too long, it makes me feel kind of giddy. But of course, I couldn’t let all this excitement distract me from my writing now could I? 
I can romantise the idea of a travelling writer. New experiences sparking new ideas that would have otherwise never materialised had you not been in that exact place at that exact time. New surroundings, a new four walls, can breath life into a paragraph you’ve already reworked fifty times back at your writing desk, to no avail. 
A lot of what I’m up to at the moment with Unravelled is adding additional chapters and editing the plot structure to fit them all in. I’m also making my new ideas flow with the rest of the story by weaving them through the whole thing. Right now the editing process is like working on a tapestry. You can see the image that the final piece will depict, but right now I’m threading in those small strands that will make all the difference. 
With everything that’s going on right now though it’s a case of have pen, will travel. But like I said about the travelling writer, without all the experiences the writing wouldn’t be the same. 
Here’s to another journey; another chapter. 
I hope the new baby will like her new hand knitted booties! 😛 


– Briony 

P.S: Exciting news! Whilst everything else has been going, I also took part in an interview with my University for a case study that they are writing about me for their website. More information on that to follow. 😀 



Briony Marshall is an author from the West Midlands in the UK. She is a graduate from the University of Wolverhampton with a degree in Creative & Professional Writing with English. Briony currently lives at home with her Mom, Dad and boyfriend. When Briony is not writing, she’s knitting and when she’s not knitting, she’s drinking coffee. Her debut novel, cosy, romantic, knitting comedy: Unravelled, is available now and Briony looks forward to the adventures this new chapter will bring.

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