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The day we went conker hunting.

You took my tiny hand,
Wrapped it in the fortress of your own,
Safe, Sturdy, Protective.

I saw the wonder,
In the oranges and the yellows,
In the browns and the reds,
I felt the excitement,
All the way down to my toes. 

The bag rustled as we walked,
Crunch, Crunch, Crunch,
Across the bed of fallen leaves.

We finally made it to the patch where the shiny brown pebbles fell,
And the giddy feeling began to bubble in my stomach,
This was it,
Autumn was here,
Right in front of me. 

These are the golden moments,
The ones that form like polaroids in the mind,
Captured, stored and treasured.
And all it took was that moment with you, 

That glimmer of excitement in your eye,
As you looked down to the ground and grinned,
To bring all those memories flooding back,
With such force it almost knocked me off my feet.

The joy of discovery,
Transcending years,
That day we went conker hunting. 

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When we started our journey together my path was unclear. It was overgrown with brambles and thick shrubbery. To be honest, I hadn’t really given much thought about what lay ahead at that point, I’d just been happily bumbling along before, taking each day a step at a time. So when she joined me, we didn’t really know where we were going. But what we did know was that our whole future lay ahead of us, so of course an instant partnership was made and we started walking. 

At first it was easy, all about putting one foot in front of the other. Everything was new for her. Everyday was an adventure. We explored many new places on our journey; saw so many sights, shared so many delights. She chased pebbles on the sand. I got more cuddles and kisses than I could count. We shook hands, we high fived. She felt the wind in her ears and covered me in fur. We’d rough and tumble. We’d snuggle up and cuddle. When I wasn’t looking I’d either be pounced on or have a ball launched at me from a great distance. We’d sleep together, eat together, play together. She’d defend me. I’d always be looking out for her. We were a perfect match. The greatest team. It was a love like no other I had ever experienced. A sisterly love perhaps? It made the journey all that more pleasurable knowing she was by my side. 

Sometimes I’d have to stray away from our path. But I knew she’d always be there, waiting for me. Tail wagging excitedly every time I returned. Sometimes she’d even decide to run on ahead. But she’d never completely leave my eyeline, even if she was just a blip on the horizon. 

As the years rolled on we both changed, we both grew. But we supported each other through it all, our bond as strong as ever. I’m definitely not the same person I was when our journey began, but then neither was she. One time along the path the forest crept up on us so thick and fast that I didn’t really know how we were going to carry on. But she lead the way and helped to pull me from the darkness. She caught every tear in her fur. She knew when a paw was all that was needed. I couldn’t have asked for more of a best friend. 

As time wore on though her pace started to slow. We had to climb a few hills. In fact one was so gigantic, I had never been so glad to see the other side. But we overcame it, we plodded on. Her ability to keep heel started to waver. I’d have to walk a few paces ahead and wait for her to catch up. Days turned into months until one day we couldn’t ignore it anymore. 

“This is where I have to get off”, she said with a kiss of that little pink tongue. “This is me. This is my stop. But you’ve got to promise me you’ll keep walking.” I’d scooped her up in my arms. We were cuddling on the tarmac. “I can still see the path. It stretches on for miles. But it’s for you now, not me.” And that was where her part of the journey ended. 

Right now, I’m still walking the path, but it feels cold and empty without her. It’s so strange walking alone when you’ve had company for so long. We’d been journeying together for over half of my lifetime. Silence now is just too quiet. I’m trying to keep going, carry on ahead like I was told too, like I have too. But currently it feels like my feet are stuck in quick sand. I haven’t moved far from the spot where she left, a very large part of me doesn’t want to either. 

In life sometimes you have to be brave and I wish I could be just half as brave she was. But for her I was as brave as I could be. And although now the walkies may be over she’s still walking with me, inside my heart. 

Goodnight Daisy-Do, love you always. ❤️

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Keeping The Bugle in the Black Country. 

Today I’m going to write  about something rather unusual for me, but with my personal connection to this matter it seems only right. Today I’m going to write about politics. But not the gritty, EU referendum kind of politics. More so an MP has made a stand about something I personally agree with. So I’d like to bring it to my readers’s attention. 

Ian Austin is the MP for my area and he recently made a petition against Trinity Mirror’s wish to move their paper, The Black Country Bugle, out of the Black Country. 

The petition was set up by Dudley MP Ian Austin to show the strength of local opposition to plans that would see the Bugle moved to Tamworth.


Now this may not sound like such a big deal on the surface. But let me just tell you about the Black Country Bugle. The Bugle is a paper wrote for Black Country people, by Black Country people about the Black Country. It’s light hearted and nostalgic, the perfect pick me up any day of the week. My Mom, Black Country born and bred, loves it. 

And I love it too. The Bugle is the place I had my published debut. I entered one of their short story competitions and won myself a full page spread in one of their issues. It was one of those defining moments in my timeline that led me to where I am today. Moving The Bugle would take away the core of what the paper is all about whilst also leading to a number of job losses for the local journalists involved. Therefore as a writer, and local author, this is a matter that is close to my heart.

Today it was annouced that over 1,000 people signed the petition and now Trinity Mirror have dropped there plans to move The Bugle. 

In celebreation of this fantastic news, I’m going to post the scanned copy of my short story from The Bugle, ‘The Promised Return’.

I will also leave a link to today’s article on Ian Austin’s website below. incase you’d like to read anymore about it. 

Let me know in the comments your thoughts on ‘The Promised Return’. I’d love to read them.

Thanks for reading and thank you to anyone who signed the petition.  Together we made a difference. 💪🏻

(Source: The Black Country Bugle (2010) & D.Green for the illustration.)

Campaign Pays Off as Bugle Stays in Dudley.

– B xo