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Resolutions, Blogversary & Crochet Alongs

Happy New Year everyone and welcome to 2018! 🍾🎉 I hope you all had a lovely New Years Eve. Mine was the perfect cosy night in, spent with my family, drinking prosecco and playing Trivial Pursuit. ❤️

Where do I even start with 2017? I went into last year with the sole goal of making it a year to remember and well, I certainly managed that! 🎉 2017 was a year of a lot of amazing firsts. I had my first author event (and then did another and another and another!) I had my first official radio interview with Jason Forrest. I became a publisher author. ❤️ I signed my first ever autograph. I had a launch party! I designed my first ever knitting pattern. I got to see the joy on other peoples faces when then held a copy of book for the first time. I got to see my Momma get emotional at her dedication. 😘 And I got my first lot of lovely feedback on my story. ❤️

I was actually sad to see 2017 leave. But I’d like to think we shook hands on our departure and I’ve turned to welcome to 2018 with open arms. There’s so much already in the pipeline for this year that I literally cannot wait to start!

So, looking forward to 2018, my resolutions are:

  • Craft more wearables

I feel like my skills in both knitting and crochet have excelled greatly since the start of this journey. However the cuteness of toy making has got the better of me and I really don’t have many things I can wear to show my woolly pride. So this year I aim to change that.

  • Work on a new novel

Last year was all about Unravelled and I loved that. ❤️ But my creative input ended on that manuscript ended a while ago now. Don’t get me wrong, I loved the whirlwind that was publication but I’m starting to miss my laptop and my pen, so this year I’ve made not only a resolution but a promise to myself that I will start work on a new novel this year. (Exciting!!!)

  • Read at least one book a month

This one is a bit of a faux pas from me. 🤭 I did not complete my reading challenge last year in fact… *small voice* I’m still reading Throne of Glass which I started on my holiday last July. 😳 After I got back from that holiday everything just seemed to take off and well my reading took a back seat, but I’m back on it now and this year I aim to read at least twelve books!

  • Finish what you start

This is a biggie for me. As a person I get very excited about everything. So I start things with every intention to finish them but then get distracted by something that comes along and put my current thing down to pick back up at a later date and start the new thing that I’m equally excited about and in that well, the cycle begins. Don’t get me wrong, I do go back to the things that I put down, (the novel I’m still reading, the presents I finished crafting on Christmas Eve!) but it could be months, it could be years in between. Now remember I’m a writer, knitter, crocheter, blogger, and vlogger… This has got to stop.

However just to contradict myself…

I’ve decided to kick off another year of craft by taking part in the AYISO’s Temperature Blanket CAL.

The Association Of Independent Yarn Shop Owners are running their first crochet/ knit along that will run throughout 2018. The idea of the Temperature Blanket is every day you add a row to your blanket in a different colour depending what temperature it is near you. The blanket pattern you do is your choice, the colours you use and your temperature scale are your choice. But together we will share the journey of creating a beautiful unique piece.

I’ve planned to crochet my blanket in granny stripe, with guidance from Attic24’s pattern. I’m using DK wool on a 3.5mm hook and below you can see my chosen colours; pink being the hottest of days and white the coldest. (I made the picture of the white slightly larger so you can see the sparkle.✨)

I’m hoping to post updates across the year to show my blanket’s progress and if any of my lovely readers fancy giving it a go, I’d love to see your progress too! You can find out more about the CAL by joining the Facebook Group or reading Magnolia Tree Crafts’s blog.

And last, but by no means least, January the first is also my blogversary! 🎈And this year I’ve reached the magical three years! My website is something that continues to blossom and grow. It’s one of my favourite hobbies and it makes me so proud to see it evolve and take shape every year. So thank you to all of you for taking the time to be a part of it. ❤️

I’ll leave you now to enjoy the rest of your New Year’s Day because otherwise I feel this blog may go on forever! 😂

Take care and I wish you all health and happiness for 2018!

– B xo

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Christmas Haul 2017🎄🎁

Hi everyone! I hope this post finds you well, that you all had a lovely Christmas and that you’re now lounging on the sofa, tucking into what’s left of those Christmas choccies. At this point I feel like my Christmas Haul post has become a kind of post-Christmas tradition on my blog. 😂 But I also like to see it as a virtual version of my Christmas thank you letters.

Once again I have been absolutely spoilt by my loved ones (thank you everyone! ❤️) and I had a wonderful, cosy Christmas spent at home with my little family. ❤️ I can’t wait to show you what I got this year and how, thanks to friends and family, I’m ready for the new year ahead!

So let’s get cracking! 🎉 (Cracking, Cracker, Christmas… get it?…. Moving on…)

Crafty Kits & Woolly Supplies Let’s be honest, no haul of mine would be complete without wool! 😂 My passion for crafting has led me to where I am today and I’m so happy that people still want to fuel the habit. ❤️ I’m absolutely loving the variety this year. We have some old favourites there with TOFT and Brittany making an appearance, but I do have to say I am very impressed with Aldi’s So Crafty range. Also that Hygge CAL kit is absolutely lush. 😍 I cannot wait to give these a go! #notspon

Pug Measuring Tape With all that knitting to do I’m very happy I’ll have this little guy to keep me company and tell me how well I’m doing.

Handmade Decoration How sweet is this little gingerbread house decoration? It was handcrafted for me and my family by my boyfriend’s mum and I just love it. Knowing the time and effort that goes into making something like this makes me appreciate it even more.

Books Another staple of a Briony present haul. I’m very excited for Boys Don’t Knit (In Public).

Supplies! Next year I’m hoping to get back to writing and therefore treats and cappuccinos at home are just the perfect gift! However I’ve got to try and resist eating all these over just the next couple of days! (Disclaimer 1: These treats aren’t all mine. Disclaimer 2: But this picture isn’t all of them. 🤫)

Notebook Speaking of getting back into writing, I’m going to need somewhere to jot down my new ideas and I can think of no where more beautiful than this notebook. With it’s silver leaf pages and gorgeous cover it would be a scandal to leave it blank.

Calendar & Diary 2018 is looking to be a busy year for me so these tools to keep me organised and motivated are invaluable.

Tripod I think this mini tripod come vlogging handle is trying to tell me something, don’t you? 😉

Book Blouse Isn’t this blouse just the cutest? I think I’m going to save it for my next event. So excited to finally own a piece of Joanie Clothing. ❤️

Fantastic Beasts Lego Dimensions However, when I’m not doing author things, I’m looking forward to relaxing with mini Newt. I’ve loved what I’ve played of the Lego Dimensions series so far and I think the addition of Fantastic Beasts can only make it more awesome. Thank you to my boyfriend for this one, I knew he’d get me a Niffler for Christmas eventually. 😉

Secret Santa And last but by no means least I need to tell you about my secret santa present. Every year me and my friends take part in a secret santa present swap. We’ve all known each other for years, so the present game is always pretty strong, but this year for me was extra special. In fact, when I opened my gift I very nearly cried! Reading this post you may not have yet noticed the change to the blog. It’s something very small, but to me it meant so very much. For Christmas Santa bought me a domain name… Welcome everyone to! ❤️❤️❤️
Thank you
girl very happy. 🎅🏻

– B xo

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The Ultimate Unravelled Kit. ❤️

Today I have a very exciting announcement to make. Something that my publisher and I have been working on for six months now. Something I’ve been immensely excited about since day one. Something that I think you’re all gonna love.

May I introduce to you The Ultimate Unravelled Kit…

This unique knitting kit is for craft lovers and chick-lit readers alike. Fall in love with ‘Unravelled’ on a deeper level; interact with the tale – knit an actual item from the story with our unique Unravelled knitting pattern; let your Unravelled Buddle give your book a cuddle (‘book’, ‘cuddle’ – ‘Buddle’. Get it?!); save your place in the story with your unique Unravelled woolly bookmark, and keep everything together in the attractive tote.

A fantastic gift for someone, or simply a treat for yourself.

(Text courtesy of Hall Good Books.)

The Ultimate Unravelled Kit is available now from HallGoodBooks and I’m so excited about it because…

  • Firstly, I was that involved in the creative process of this bundle that I actually knitted the heart bookmarks and designed the pattern for Adrian’s scarf myself. ❤️
  • The kit’s are limited editions, so there are only so many of them in existence!
  • The red heart Buddles were also designed especially for Unravelled and won’t be available anywhere else.
  • The tote bag can also double as a very fetching and spacious knitting bag.
  • And I just think it’s the perfect gift and what better time of the year for that than Christmas?!

So what are you waiting for? All that excitement for under £30, I think you better let Santa know about this one pretty sharpish! 😉

– B xo

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Trick or Treat. 🎃👻

Happy Halloween everyone! Hope the ghosts and ghouls don’t give you a fright tonight!

Check out the super cute sugar skull wreath I made for my bedroom door. I’ve got to be honest, it’s one of my favourite woolly creations to date!

But enough about the tricks of tonight, it’s still not too late to treat yourself this hallow’s eve because today is my official publication date! That’s right… Unravelled is finally here for all to read!!!

I’m absolutely over the moon that everything is now live! To finally hold my novel in my hands on Sunday was a dream come true, but to share my story with you all, that’s on a whole other level!

There are couple of ways to get your hands on a copy of Unravelled:

1. Visit my publishers website, Hallgoodbooks, and order your copy today. If you click the following link it will take you straight to my order page:

2. Come along to one of my forthcoming events. I have a few events currently in the pipeline. Now my novel is here, there will be the opportunity to purchase my book at all my events, so keep your eyes peeled for updates on those as they develop.

3. You can also buy your copies from me directly. So if we know each other in person, get in touch.

This has all happened so quickly, I don’t think it’s completely sunk in. But what I do know is that the support I’ve felt throughout this process has been phenomenal and it’s lovely to finally be able to give something back to you.

I hope you all enjoy reading my story as much as I enjoyed creating it.

– B xo

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The Decking the Halls (2016)

December is officially here! The tree is up and the mistletoe is hung. So to spread some Christmas cheer, I thought I’d share with you all how I’ve chosen to deck the halls this year. 😊 

The Tree! 🎄

Mickey & Minnie snuggled up together at the top of the tree. ❤️
I must admit I love our Christmas tree. It’s one of the first joint purchases my boyfriend and I made. It’s only a little tree, but this year it’s full to the brim! I’ve still got my beloved Disney Tsum Tsums from last year, but this year we’ve also added a touch of Lego and even a touch of musical theatre to our collection! Plus I’ve handmade a lot of the decorations, so our tree is very personal. Every decoration has a story to tell. ❤️

The Mistletoe.

I love mistletoe. It’s so festive and super cute. I like to hang this sweet felt mistletoe over the bed for when me and my boyfriend kiss goodnight. ❤️

Elf on the Shelf. 

Last year I knitted my boyfriend a Briony Elf as part of his Christmas Eve box. (Complete with retro  Briony blonde streak.) She’s currently perched on the CD rack, hopefully staying out of mischief.

The Paper Craft Success! 

I love it when an attempt at an Internet tutorial actually works out!
I made this snowflake out of printing paper and sticky tape! I will admit, I was rather proud of how it turned out. I’ll be sure to share the video tutorial I made it from over on my Facebook page, for anyone who fancies giving it ago. Definitely worth a try! It looks rather impressive and I made it in a morning. ❄️

Hogwarts Baubles!

Showing a little bit of house pride or pretending the bauble is Newt Scamander… who knows?
The beady-eyed readers among you may have already spotted these in the previous picture. How amazing are they though?! 😍😍😍 This great find was from Primark and I’m so happy with them. I love them and they were such a baragain too! Very happy to be adding them to my decoration stash this year. 

My Advent Calendar.

Yes, that is a Tsum Tsum of Santa Claws riding the sleigh.

This is one for those of you who haven’t already seen the glory of this on my Instagram. This is my tea advent calendar, handmade by my very thoughtful boyfriend. He’s chosen a different tea bag for every day, with not one being the same. I know among my readers I do have some fellow tea enthusiasts, so if your interested, I’m posting pictures of my teas daily on my Instagram page. Either search for me, brionymarshallauthor, or search for the hashtag #twentyfivesdayoftea!

Christmas Cards.

I had a little play at card making again this year. To my surprise Poundland had an amazing range of festive paper craft bits, so here are a few of my designs. It saddens me that Christmas cards are becoming a dying tradition, displaying my cards has always been a staple of my Christmas decorating routine.

The Wreath.

No door looks complete without a wreath at Christmas, and my bedroom door is no exception. Some of you may remember this little wonder from last year’s festive post. As you can probably imagine, a lot of my decorations are of the woolly variety. 

And there we have it! I hope I’ve helped you get into the festive spirit. I’d love to see some of your decorations, so please tag me in any of your christmassy snaps! And until next time, may your days be merry & bright everyone!

– B xo

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My 26th Birthday. 

So as those of you who follow me on social media are more than aware, last week was my birthday. I had an absolutely amazing time and I can’t thank anyone enough for the effort they made. You’re all bloomin’ lovely! And, whilst being spoilt rotten, I received some wonderfully bookish gifts. So as I’m here muching away on left over birthday cake, I thought I’d do a little blog post about my birthday treats to show my appreciation and maybe give you a little sneak peek into the future! 😱

Candles & Wax Melts

I love to burn a candle whilst I’m writing/ editing. I’m a strong believer of using all your senses when writing, both in the real world and the fictional one too! So candles are the perfect gift in my eyes. My Mom even got me a wax melter so that I can enjoy the scents safely, even when my nose is stuck in a laptop. The melt you can see in action there is Pumpkin Spice💛 🎃

The Book of Bee

My friend got me this quirky notebook from her trip to the New York Met. However it’s so pretty, I’m not going to write in it right now but use it to decorate my bookshelf instead. 😊

A Bee Bag

Can you sense a bit of a theme developing here? 😂 Another friend got me this book come knitting bag. Whether it’s library trips or Knit & Knatters, I’ll always find a use for a new bag.

A Beautiful Book Journal (with Unicorn Pen and Unicorn Eraser)🦄

I always wanted a book journal and now I have one… and it’s gorgeous. 😍 Plus, what better way to fill it out than with a unicorn pen! 🦄

You Can’t Have a Birthday Without Cake

Remember that birthday cake I was talking about earlier? Well here it is. Beautifully handmade to, by one of my knitting buddies. We sure are creative bunch! 🎂 My book cake is modelled after my favourite poet collection by Sylvia Plath. ❤️ Just to confirm, it’s delicious! 

And finally…

What’s that? A camera? A handheld, rather sleek, rather fancy, portable camera? A camera that can capture images and video? A camera recently named ‘Author Cam’? Whatever could this mean?

Stay tuned guys! 😉

– B xo