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Where did Briony go?

Hey everyone πŸ‘‹, long time no see?

Sorry for the silence, I know I’ve been around, but no where near as much as I would like to and well long story short, times got tough and I completely lost my mojo. πŸ˜”

There was a poignant bereavement in my boyfriend’s family that took us all completely by surprise and that mixed with my own grief of my Nan’s passing, now a decade ago, it began a bit of a downward spiral. It’s amazing how many other things can also rear their ugly head at your worst times. It wasn’t pretty. I spent most of March just floating along. A shell of who I am.

But as time has passed I’ve managed to rekindle my passions with my hobbies one by one. Spurred on by the love of those around me, who are all worth their weight in gold. ❀️

However, I wanted to write about this today, because for anyone like me who just needs a bit of reassurance, if there is one thing this experience has taught me it’s that it’s okay to take a break. You will get back on track eventually, but take your time, recharge your batteries. Take care of yourself because there’s only one you. πŸ’«

So, where did Briony go? Well…

There was my writing holiday, which I never talked about as it was the prelude to everything mentioned above. But, it was such a perfect trip, I didn’t want to let it pass me by on here.

My boyfriend and I took ourselves off to the beautiful town of Stratford-Upon-Avon. Where we spent a week in such a quaint hotel, right next to the river, where we wrote and wrote and wrote. We wrote at the hotel (aptly named Pen & Parchment!) in coffee shops, in the park. We ate good food, went for culture fulfilling walks in the surprising February sunshine. We even managed to catch to catch a show! I mean you, can’t go all the way to Shakespeare’s birthplace and not see one of his plays now can you? πŸ˜‹

I came away with the beginnings of book two ladies and gentlemen. (I was even writing all the way back on the train home!) This author has a work in progress! 😍 A getaway like that is definitely something I will be doing again for sure. It’s made Stratford-Upon-Avon even more of a special place in my heart. I can’t wait to go back already.

I have had a couple of you asking me how I went about planning such a trip, so I am determined to give it it’s own post in due course too. So watch this space if you wish to find out more. πŸ‘€

In April, me, Momma and my good friend Ginger went to Wonderwool in Wales. These days out, just the three of us and a yarn festival, they’re just the best and if you don’t leave somewhere like this feeling inspired, I don’t know what will!

I treated myself to a couple of bits, which I am now obsessed with. For example, I now know kinda how to use a drop spindle to make my own yarn out of fibre. I also own a sterling silver crochet hook. 😍 What is life? πŸ˜‚ I would definitely recommend a visit and they’ve just announced the dates for next year! (For more info on my purchases I did a haul post on my Instagram, for more info on the show visit their website.)

And this final one is a silver lining story, which at the minute, I really dig. So during all of this, my day job got rather stressful too. I ended up needing to commute around on trains a lot for a couple of weeks and with my head already swimming, it was enough to tip me over the edge. I needed a distraction, but something small and discreet as not to draw attention. (I’ll be honest, I haven’t felt much like talking over the last few months.) So I picked up a book and finished it within a week, so I picked up another.

I’d forgotten how much of a source of relaxation reading could be for me and it was mad to feel the stress just drain out of me for those few hours a day I was by myself with the world blurring by.

My current read is called The Curse of The Boyfriend Sweater by a lady called Alanna Okun, who I discovered on Instagram. It’s mini snippets of life writing, she’s disguised as essays, based on her own life and crafting experiences and I just love it! 😍 Can’t praise it enough in fact and even across the pond here in the UK, I can totally relate!

So book number two, woolly adventures and reading moving back home in my heart. ❀️ What’s next for me now? You’ll have to watch this space and see. πŸ˜‰ (There’s a secret craft project for one, my draft from NaNoWrimo that everyone I’ve talked to about it wants to read for two. And some rather exiting plans taking shape for the future. But they’re all just glimmers of WIPs at the min.)

However, as a thank you to you all for being so patient with me over the last few months, I wanted to leave you with my first teaser for my next novel. πŸ‘

I’m really only just getting to know the characters of this novel myself, but what I do know is it’s set in the same universe as Unravelled. It’s not going to be a direct sequel, but in keeping with similar themes and the general feel good vibe, so fans of the first book will still fall in love with the second. ❀️ Instead of knitting taking centre stage this time it’s going to be it’s sister craft crochet. Again, mimicking how the stories themselves are connected. This story showcases more of girl power! and friendship than romantic love and it nods towards our more internet age when it comes to crafting these days.


I do have a title, but I want you to have a going at guessing what it’s called before I tell you. Just based on what I’ve just revealed above. Have some fun with it, yenno. Build the hype and all that jazz. πŸ˜‰

Oh and here’s one more clue:

_ _ _ _ _ _ ? 🧢 (6 Letters)

Leave your guesses in the comments below and I’ll be back soon with the reveal.❀️

Thank you for being here and giving me light in the dark.

B xo

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Happy Easter! 🐣

Happy Easter Everyone! I hope you all have a lovely day in the sunshine and enjoy a cheeky treat or two.

I’m off to partake in one of my favourite family traditions of a pub lunch and an afternoon spent at the amusement arcade. πŸ’• Plus, I’m chuffed to bits that all my Easter surprises went down so well! 🐣🐰

What’s your favourite thing about Easter Sunday?

– B xo

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Happy Mother’s Day! πŸ’

Happy Mother’s Day to all the amazing Mummy’s out there, I hope you are all treated like the Queens you are today. πŸ‘‘ πŸ’•

We’re fully intending to spoil ours rotten.

Weren’t sure what to get Mum this year?

Remember that Unravelled is available in two formats:

The Paperback

The classic. Perfect size paperback to take on your travels or equally perfect for cosying up with on a Sunday afternoon. πŸ’•

The Ultimate Kit

Maybe you have a crafty Mum, just like me, or maybe you just fancy spoiling her rotten? Either way, The Ultimate Kit is the one for you. Jam packed with goodies, it would be rude not too. πŸ˜‰

And you can order yours today, from! So you can show Mum your confirmation email and she won’t think you’ve forgotten! πŸ˜ƒ

What could be a better gift than a snuggley slice of Mummy Lit? It’s even cheaper than flowers, and it will last longer! πŸ’

Already got your Mum a copy of Unravelled? Be sure to use #Unravelled when you post your pics. I’d love to see them. πŸ™‚

– Bxo

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Spring has Sprung!Β 

It’s daylight for longer, flowers are blossoming, birds are preparing their nests and pastels are back in fashion: Spring is officially here! And it brings with it life’s new beginnings! πŸ’

Over the past month or so I’ve been beavering away to create some new beginnings of my very own and, with the sun shining so bright today, I thought it time to share them with you all. 😊

Alongside making my Snapchat public earlier in the month, I’ve decided to open up more social media platforms to stay even more connected with my lovely readers! Now, alongside Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Goodreads and Snapchat, you can also find me on Pinterest, Ravelry and … YouTube!

Pinterest and Ravelry are both very artsy communities and will definitely appeal to the knitting lovers among you! I’ve updated my personal Ravelry account to now showcase my own knitting and crochet projects as well as a new avenue to connect with more people who share the same wooly interests. Again, Pinterest is a persoanl account that I’ve recently revamped. Here you can see patterns I’ve found and “pinned” alongside other things that catch my eye like receipes, decor ideas, inspirational quotes, bookish bits, things that have inspired me during the writing of Unravelled and much much more!

But potentially one of the more exciting, yet nerve-wracking, new beginnings is the launch of my YouTube channel! As a writer, I’m used to hiding behind my words, but with YouTube you’ve got to bare yourself to the world! (Warts and all!!!) Currently, my only upload is my interview debut with Jason Forrest. However, there are many more in the pipeline (some just days away!) So stay tuned! (Also, YouTube has a rule that you are unable to possess a custom URL until you reach 100 subscribers!!! I believe we’ve got this. So go on, hit the subscribe button. I promise you won’t be disappointed.)

The beady-eyed among you may have also realised that the option to join The Briony Marshall Mailing List has been cropping up over my different sites recently. This is a mailing list I launched at my Wolves LitFest talk which I’m now making public. My mailing list is a way for me to share exclusive news, updates and competitions with you all. So be sure to sign up to that as I’ll be sending out an exclusive “presale” for some very exciting things very soon!

And finally, the biggest of all the announcements… Unravelled 3.0 will be on its way to my publisher any day now! In fact, today is the day I plan to finish my read through and I’ve got a verrrrrry good feeling about this.

So sit tight guys, there’s a lot of things happening around here and all of it leads to exciting times ahead!

– B xo

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Release Date.

So some of you out there, with a beady eye (or two!), may have noticed that I recently changed the release date for my novel across my social network profiles. Yes, I can confirm that my novel is now due for release in spring next year. But I wanted to leave this little note here as to why this has happened and keep you all in the loop. 

First things first: This isn’t a negative thing, in fact it’s really positive! 

People’s reactions to this news when I’ve spoken to them in person have all started with a look of shock and concern. Therefore, I thought people reading this online may have a similar reaction if it is left unexplained. So don’t worry, I’m here to reassure you all!

Recently my publisher and I had a fantastic phonecall about the future and it’s made me uber excited for all that is to come. However, mutually, we agreed that getting Unravelled published this year would not allow time for all these amazing things. It would be rushed for the sake of sticking to a deadline and looking at that in terms of the bigger picture, it just seemed silly. 

Most importantly though, the extra time will give me the chance I need to put all that I want to into Unravelled and make it the very best it can be. And with all things considered, springtime seemed the perfect time for it’s release now.

So although this may have made it almost an extra year to wait until we can all hold Unravelled in our hands, aren’t all the best things worth waiting for? 

I think I’ve managed to change my information across all my social media platforms. (Be sure to let me know if you’ve spotted one that I haven’t in the comments.) And thanks for all the support so far, you’ve all been amazing and hope this extension has actually got you as excited as I am about the future. It’s like me telling you that the party doesn’t have to stop just yet, we can carry on until sunrise! πŸ˜‰

Thanks again everyone.

– B xo